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Let SBWD keep your site constantly updated, protected, monitored and backed-up.


A lot of business owners make the mistake of creating a website, thinking that it will run smoothly for years to come. The truth is; technology is moving at such a fast rate that if your website is not constantly monitored and updated, it will be easily susceptible to page errors, malware, SPAM and virus attacks.

What are the repercussions? In most cases, your website will probably be down for a few days and fixing the problem will cost in the hundreds. For serious cases, your entire site could be so badly infected; causing you to lose all contents and the cost of bringing the site back up could take weeks and thousands of dollars.

SBWD offers a comprehensive total web maintenance package to ensure that your website is constantly protected, monitored and backed-up by web professionals. We will also be able to handle content updates for you as well, ensuring that we are your trusted one-stop solution to maintaining your website.

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Basic Web Updates
  • Adding / Editing of Text on existing pages
  • Adding / Deleting / Fixing links
  • Alignment issues / Errors
  • Updating Contact Information, including Google Map
  • Generating & Embedding Google Analytics
  • Adding / Deleting user accounts
  • Site recovery for website hacking / malware scripts
Security / Maintenance Work
  • Secure Login URL
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Track User Action Log
  • Brute Force Prevention
  • Site Monitoring
  • Compatibility Fixes
  • WordPress Core updates
  • Cloud Backups
  • Malware Security Scan
  • Track File Changes
  • IP address blocking
  • Bug Fixes
  • Plug-in and Theme updates
  • SPAM detection
Singapore best web design web security & maintenance diagram
Backup & Restore Service
storage space
backup and restore service
Entire Year
We backup, archive and keep all your website (All 52-week backup versions)

Ensure your website is accessible for your visitors everyday.
No more worries of losing your website to hacks and viruses.