Cost Estimator

Website Design Cost Estimator

SBWD website cost calculator helps to give customers a website design pricing estimate for their project in Singapore. Please view our website packages or contact us to get an official quotation with additional discounts.

All our web packages include:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Website Design Concept
  • Content Migration
  • Standard Contact Form
  • Google Maps Integration
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Website Migration to Live
  • Post-Implementation Support
  • Training & User Guide

Website Cost Calculator

  • Total Summary

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  • Website Backend System {{calcTotal.length ? calcTotal[7] ? calcTotal[7].value : 0 : 0}}
  • Mobile Responsive Design {{calcTotal.length ? calcTotal[8] ? calcTotal[8].value : 0 : 0}}
  • SEO Optimised Development {{calcTotal.length ? calcTotal[9] ? calcTotal[9].value : 0 : 0}}
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Current Website (*if any)


This process is for established businesses looking to revamp their website, and where the project has multiple decision makers requiring approval.

This is an expedited process with quick turnarounds, suitable for fast decision makers. We have references to base our designs, and can finalise revisions within one session.

Why this Calculator will Benefit You

The problem most businesses face when embarking on a web design and development project is that of scope creep. As a project commences, the agreed upon requirements and deliverables keep changing due to the lack of initial vision by the client, partly because most website design agencies quote without providing any consultancy of the latest website features and trends.

A calculator like this helps determine the major scope, requirements and expectations in the initial phase. This tool will not only help businesses estimate the website design cost but also manage the expense and scope of the project in the long run.

This cost calculator from Singapore Best Web Design will help you:

Have a macro view of what you need for your website

Determine the primary as well as the subsidiary services you need

Provide a fair website design cost estimate for budget planning

Scale up or down according to set budget

Compare the cost with that of any other provider you have been considering or are planning to consider.