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Things a business website should have

Depending on your business industry and target market, the design concept and type of content will differ. However, when considering website design for businesses, there are certain things that definitely has to be in place. Here are the 5 best practices for website design and development.

1. A Landing Page that clearly describes your company

The landing page is the first page a visitor goes to when they enter your main website URL *i.e. is our landing page. It is very important to have a landing page that clearly defines what exactly your company does. Without scrolling too far down on desktop or mobile view, the visitor should be able to see an introduction of your company and the products / services you offer.

2. A Website Address that is easy to remember

Businesses still spread through word of mouth. How sad would it be that you are losing business because your website address is hard to remember or contains weird spelling that the visitor has to guess? So always ensure the you adhere to the following:

  • Try to use a .com domain if you can. Otherwise, go for
  • Try not to use 2 different words that start and end with the same letters *example A company called Sing Global LLP will leave a lot of guesswork to the visitor if they use
  • Avoid using dash or numbers as it confuses the visitor when your website is shared verbally. *example

Following the steps above should ensure you have a relatively easy to remember website address.

3. Menu Names that are self-explanatory

Do not try to be fancy with your menu names, no branding agency is sitting beside the web visitor explaining to them the reason why they named an ‘About Us’ page as ‘Our Definition’. Make it easy for the web visitor to navigate by using standard page terms that most websites use. It gets very frustrating when people can’t find what they want.

4. Proper Hosting

Imagine a potential customer coming to your office and you take forever to open the door to greet them, and when they enter, the office is on fire? That is the same as when a web visitor waits forever for your website to load and ends up seeing gibberish or virus infected pages. They lose confidence in you and close the tab, going to your competitors.

Highlight to website design companies that you would like the website to load fast as one of your requirements. Speed and uptime are key. Consider outsourcing website security and maintenance and engage proper hosting providers. SBWD already understands this and we have a lot of customers that subscribe to our website security and maintenance package.

5. Make it EASY for people to get in touch with you.

This is the most important thing to consider when designing a website for businesses. How easy is it for visitors to contact you? How much effort do you put in the navigation journey to convert them into a potential lead? This requires in-depth knowledge of website design and user navigation experience. The basics of call-to-action (CTA) are:

  • Ensure that contact information is visible on all pages, either in the header or footer.  
  • Have contact forms available in multiple locations. You do not have to wait for a web visitor to go into ‘Contact Us’ in order to get a lead.
  • Have catch phrases attracting them to make an enquiry.
  • Avoid the standard color scheme for CTA buttons. They are meant to STAND OUT.

The points above provide a good guide on the must-haves for corporate website design. However, knowing and doing is totally different. If you are not in the design or marketing industry, it will be very difficult to be the one coming up with the plan to execute all of the above points. Which is why it is a smart move to engage an experienced web design firm to lead the way.

Singapore Best Web Design (SBWD) has been in the website design business for 10 years now

Having a portfolio of clients from every industry imaginable create websites that gets leads and new business for our customers. Contact us for website design services and be pleased with a completed website that is professional-looking, secure and optimised to convert visitors.