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Web Security & Maintenance


Web Security & Maintenance


Top 4 Web Hosting Service Providers to Work With

There are plenty of great web hosting companies in Singapore that can help you in getting your business online. Whether you’re just getting started with your website or you’re looking for a new provider, you need a web hosting company that secures your business’ online presence, and your information.

Web Design

20 Web Design Terms that are useful to know

SBWD setup Google Analytics during the requirements gathering phase to establish a benchmark and studied the relevant data before commencing of the website design for Tots Classroom.

Web Security & Maintenance

PDPA. How it affects corporate websites in Singapore

The Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (the “PDPA”) is very important to adhere to for registered companies in Singapore. Failure to comply or proof of negligence has resulted in significant fines for various organisations in Singapore.

Web Security & Maintenance

Should I Worry About My Website Security

Not a lot of companies are concerned about security when they are setting up a new site, migrating or revamping their existing website. However, security right now is a major concern regardless of your business size.

Web Security & Maintenance

Using WordPress for my company website

So what does this mean for business owners? Why would WordPress, which was widely known as a blog platform, become the best choice for your company website or ecommerce website?

Web Security & Maintenance

Simple ways to secure your wordpress website

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) platforms available today. Naturally, it has become the most targeted platform by hackers as well.