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Case Study – 290% Increase in Leads After Website Design Revamp

SBWD Case Study

290% Increase in Leads After Website Design Revamp







“SBWD setup Google Analytics during the requirements gathering phase to establish a benchmark and studied the relevant data before commencing of the website design for Tots Classroom.

The result was an increase in all key metrics that a successful website design revamp should achieve. Visitors are staying longer on the site, browsing more pages, and ultimately leaving an enquiry to become a lead for the client.”


Singapore Best Web Design (SBWD) is one of Singapore’s leading agency specialising in Website Design and Development.

For this project, we deployed a Strategic Web Design methodology in which we use quantifiable data and visible evidence to plan out the website revamp for the client. We utilised analytical data to set clear goals with the client on what can be achieved when the new website is launched.

SBWD set out 3 key goals with the client:

1. A totally new website design to bring the company’s web presence into 2021
2. An increase in leads on the website
3. An improved website structure to enhance the user experience


Below is a screengrab of the old website.

After researching on early childhood education centre websites in Singapore and abroad, we opted for a refreshing, vibrant design concept.

The pop in colors matches well with their logo and helps to assign a colour to each of the 5 programmes they offer, grabbing the attention on the landing page for first time visitors.

The diverse colour palette allowed us to redesign the diagrams and infographics on the site with ease and clarity.


We studied Hotjar Analytics Heatmaps of various websites and identified that the top area above the main menu was a great location to place the CTA for the client’s FREE TRIAL offer.

With many parents belonging in the 20s to 30s demographic, we understand that most of them will be browsing the website on mobile. Which is why we specifically swapped segments on the mobile view to have a CTA at the top (to always be there for the user), middle (during reading of content to break up content), and bottom (letting visitor know what’s next) to increase the click-through rate of the CTA.


With parents being the target market, we proposed to keep the menu button names straightforward and self-explanatory, and ensuring that all information can be reached within 2 clicks.

Previously, they had just 1 overview page for the 5 programmes they offer. We proposed for all programmes to have its own individual page. This enabled them to use each programme page for google ads landing page.

We assisted the client in the content hierarchy for the 5 programme pages, keeping information concise and to the point, using the expand / collapse accordion feature with clear, visible headings for parents to dive into the information they would like to more.


With careful planning we were able to take the new site live, which was built in WordPress + Elementor, on schedule and saw an immediate improvement in key metrics of bounce rate, page views per session and time on site.

Google Analytics – Before

Google Analytics – After

The revamped website gave the client confidence to increase the budget on google ads and facebook ads, seeing almost triple the leads despite just a slight jump in website traffic due to the additional advertising.

“The website revamp for Tots Classroom was an incredible success since launch. We attribute the huge improvement to meticulous planning before starting on the project, the ability to employ best practices in SEO, Website Design and Content Planning.

Further checks with the client on the number of website leads that signed up for their courses showed that they achieved a Return Of Investment (ROI) for their new website within the first month.

We’re excited to review the analytics we have put in place for them and interpret it to further improve the client’s website during their next marketing campaign.”

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